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Our Progression and Future.


Nuclear Networking is an enterprise-level digital marketing and SEO solutions company founded in 2010. We’ve proudly been a leader and disruptor in the digital marketing industry for over six years. Founded in the tech-centric community of Colorado, our company has been able to scale and attract some of the best talent in tech, SEO and digital marketing. This influx of talent is a primary contributor toward our competitive advantage that drives our company direction…

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values of our core

seo solutions

Beyond the Keyword

We pride ourselves on disrupting industries with our digital marketing solutions. Our competition builds strategies based on keywords. However, we go beyond the keyword, and craft entire new revenue streams for our clients.

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Modus Operandi

Founded on an inherent nature to push the boundaries of our industry. We develop new digital solutions, and continue to close the digital ecosystem in the fast-paced industry that is SEO and digital marketing. However, we know that risk is inherent to originality. Which is why all of our proprietary SEO efficiencies, and marketing solutions are pedantically tested on our own company before being integrating into our client’s campaigns.

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Transparent Marketing

Our goal is to prove a return on our client’s investment (ROI), which is why our deliverables are built with integrated marketing performance metrics and reporting. We want to show our clients that our deliverables are working to grow their business. Although, what we do is not always an instant solution to your business, we are often able to prove positive ROI through our marketing allocation efforts.

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Custom Solutions

We understand the differentiation and singularity of each business, goals, budget, scope, campaign, and segment. We have the clout and experience to know what generally works best to grow your business. But also the knowledge to test and integrate new practices before fully investing.

the executive team

  • Operations Director
    Tyler Horsley
  • algorithm engineer
    David LeFlore
  • Marketing Director
    Dave Baur-Ray
  • marketing intelligence
    Ronald Kern
  • lead developer
    Lucas Hitch
  • data scientist
    Robert banks
  • videographer
    Tim nolte
  • digital marketing specialist
    nancy mayhall
  • Director of Business Development
    Nick Hitch

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