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How to Show Up On Google Map Packs (The 3 Pack) 

Google Map Packs (The 3 Pack) Showing up on the local maps starts with a solid profile setup!  The "Google My Business" platform is evolving and becoming more intuitive every day. Just like the organic search algorithm, Google has an algorithm that is used to looking...

7 Ways to Stand Out with Google My Business

7 Ways to Stand Out with Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most powerful ways for potential customers to find your company online. You stumble on these profiles every day as you use Google to find just about anything you need. You probably check out these listings, read reviews, and even...

Getting Into the Amazon Buy Box

Customer visibility is key to building a successful e-commerce business on Amazon. Much like Google, Amazon has prime real estate that sellers dream of claiming. Google has position zero, for instance, while Amazon has the Buy Box:     In the photo above, we...

Seriously.  You Need to Write a Blog (Or 2)

Seriously. You Need to Write a Blog (Or 2)

How do businesses often fail to grab the attention of potential customers? While initially a professional logo, beautiful pictures, and great product descriptions may catch the eye of visitors, without good content, those potential clients may not be converting into...

Dirty Little Secrets of SEO

Dirty Little Secrets of SEO

Congratulations! You’ve hired an SEO company to help your business get found on the web. They’ve promised to get your business quickly ranked on page one, but unfortunately, they’ve given you little to no understanding of how they will get you there and no long-term...

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