Case study

Financial Service Case Study

From missing 75% of Intermediate and Advanced Optimization Practices to an ROI of 36.5x

What we did:

-Digital advertising
-Advanced SEO
-Google ads

Our challenge

Improper set-up from a previous team

When they first approached our team, the company was losing ground to competitors, despite investing $100k+ in their marketing efforts annually. Due to insufficient tracking, it was impossible to quantify ROI and determine which tactics worked and which tactics to eliminate.

Our approach

If you fail to track, you’re on track to fail

  • Similar to most cases that we see, the client was leveraging only a minority of strategies for optimizing off-site and onsite performance. We built the full digital marketing campaign and established the digital sales funnel.
  • Conversion tracking was implemented using click ID analysis to track the ROI of our enterprise-level SEO marketing and expanded paid ad marketing verticals.
  • Tracked each click that converted into a lead and work directly with their sales team to track the conversion
  • We used our analytics and marketing intelligence to identify the most profitable target markets, what keywords they used to search for their services and what channels were best to market to them afterwards
  • Unbranded paid ad campaign to map customer journeys and their target market’s search psychology to determine which keywords and traffic sources drove the most leads

What we did:

-Digital advertising
-Advanced SEO
-Google ads

The results

  • ROI on Nuclear Networking Services: 36.5x
  • Year End Project Revenue: $39.5M
  • Partner’s Annual Commission: $13,200
  • 8-year-old company grew 12.8% in one year with Nuclear Networking
  • Enabled client to capture online market opportunities that had been ignored
  • Pieced together a high-performing digital marketing program based on key insights, resulting in steady revenue growth
  • Boosted revenue for partner-designed site and extended their partner’s with client to include landing pages, UX/UI improvement, and content writing
  • With same marketing spend, we added 75% more digital marketing optimization strategies