What type of companies do you work with?

We work with companies in all stages of growth, but share one common goal being the need to expand market share. We ONLY work with clients who understand the importance of investing in their company to see growth, business 101.

From startups to Fortune 500, our dynamic inbound marketing technology and strategic methods are proven models for success in growing your business through online channels. No matter the size of your business, we can help you grow. We customize our offerings into manageable packages and group together for your business.

This type of offering is invaluable in more volatile business development stages where fixed costs are key, and development is imperative.

What is CPA?

Cost-Per-Acquisition. The amount ad budget spent for a given date range divided by the number of conversions in that same date range, resulting in the amount spent per conversion. The number is used to determine if the campaign is generating a positive or negative return, based on the value of the lead, or online purchase.

What is CPC?

Cost-Per-Click. This is the primary pricing model for paid advertising. A campaign budget is charged every time someone clicks on an ad.

What is CPM?

Cost-Per-Thousand [or mille], not Million. A paid ads pricing model based on the number of impressions(placement) an ad receives. Impressions are charged in increments of one thousand. This pricing model is used most commonly with display ads where the goal is brand awareness.

What is CRO?

CRO stands for conversion rate optimization. We optimize your website and ads to bring the most qualified traffic to your website to increase conversions. We follow the customer throughout the entire conversion process and optimize the site to increase the conversion rate.

What is CTR?

Click-through Rate. This metric shows how often people click on an ad using the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions or times it was seen. It is used when determining if the ad’s message matches the consumer search criteria to give a satisfactory

result. This measurement is valuable in determining how successful the wording and presentation of your ad is.

What is GA?

Google Analytics. A free software platform created by Google used to analyze and compare historical data, website traffic, user metrics, sales conversions, and the success of each channel of marketing. It’s a powerful tool to measure the performance of the bottom half of any sales funnel and to discover opportunities to make campaigns more successful.

What is DA?

Domain authority is a measure of the raw power of a domain name and is one of many factors search engines use to rank a website. Domain authority is determined by three factors: popularity, age, and size. This score ranges from 1-100 with one representing a brand new site – and 100 being a well established powerful source.

What is GTM?

Google Tag Manager. A free service provided by Google to efficiently manage multiple tracking codes installed on a website, providing the ability to customize where and when they trigger. Utilizing tracking codes in all digital marketing campaigns us crucial towards success.

What is KPI?

Key Performance Indicator. A data point that measures whether a company is achieving their key business objectives. The data points help define business goals and the progress towards achieving them.

What is PA?

PA, page authority is a score, on a 100-point scale, engineered by Moz that predicts how well a specific webpage will rank on search engines. It is based on data from the web index, Mozscape, and includes link counts, MozTrust, MozRank, and dozens of other factors.

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, which is the paid advertisement offered by Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, YouTube and more. It is among the best ways to bring qualified traffic to your website through the most powerful search engines on earth. We offer conversion measurement with any PPC campaign.

What is SEM?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of inbound marketing that uses a network of search engines to target your customer. It involves SEO and referral search engines working together to drive qualified inbound traffic to your site. This includes implementation on Google Places, Yelp, Yahoo Reviews, Bing, and 60+ more platforms. This highly benefits localized or niche campaigns.

What is SEO?

93% of all web related actions start with a search engine. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of ranking a website for keywords on search engines to increase the organic traffic that comes to the site. Better search engine rankings attract more customers to your website. This is the most efficient way to build your online presence.

What is SERP?

SERP stands for search engine results page. This is the page that shows up when an online user types in a select keyword. Most clients seek front page ranking on Google’s search engine. We offer this service and deliver 200% faster than anyone in our market.

What is UX?

UX, short for “user experience,” is the practice of analyzing and optimizing for a persons behavior psychology, on-site patterns, attitudes, and emotions about a particular product, device or system. Improving your website’s UX is one of the best ways to improve your sales funnel and conversion rate.

Is SEO considered snake oil?

Trouble finding an SEO company you can trust? Believe it or not, we actually spend less time educating our future clients about SEO, and most of our time trying to repair bad experiences from other SEO companies. Most these experiences are a result of incorrect implementation, failure to deliver, and in most cases, the feeling of being “scammed.” Convincing our customers we are different is actually one of our favorite things to do! The best way we build a relationship and gain our future client’s trust is by showing them no-risk quality! We offer them incredibly efficient SEO services, incredibly detailed reports showing them what their investment is getting them, conversion measurement, and all at an affordable price.

What is snake oil?

snake oil

A substance with no valid medicinal value commonly sold as a reliable remedy for any and all diseases. Snake Oil is an old-folk term that refers to something that is unproven, or fraudulent. We assure you, we will prove everything we do and show you a positive ROI. You’ll love what you see!

Do you only work with Denver companies?

Great question! If you are reading this, you are more than likely surfing the web trying to sift through tons of online SEO & digital marketing companies. We may be located in the Denver area, but our customer-base stretches all over the United States, Canada, and even into Europe. We even offer multi-lingual SEO and inbound marketing strategies.

So don’t be shy, we’re happy you’re here! If you found us and you’re in the Denver you’re in great company! To all others don’t be wary. Research shows most new-online tech companies are formed predominantly in the Silicon Valley, California area, and Boulder/Denver, Colorado. For some reason, we nerds live in these areas. Wherever you are in the world, we provide the same quality service and guarantees!

Note to Coloradans: We do love to cater to our local clients, as we have a huge heart for local business success! Let us know if you want to grab a coffee or brew and chat! This includes people in the same or similar industry. We know that networking is invaluable to success. At Nuclear Networking we strive to support local business!

What is a typical client relationship like?

We strive to build a long-lasting business relationship with all of our clients. In most cases, when we are fortunate to have our own Denver clients join us in partnership – we are able to build relationships and friendships on a personal level. We love this!

We engulf ourselves in the business models of our clients, we are not only an SEO company, we often play a huge personal role in the business growth and successful marketing of our clients business! Without being too cheesy, we saturate ourselves in our clients’ company and get to know the business so much, we feel like we are a part of the company. Our client’s business success is our ONLY goal. We are able to see our clients flourish; their families reap the rewards, and their financial troubles diminish. Our business is a rewarding one!

More than a business: we are literally changing people’s lives!

Do you only work with Google?

All search engines have similar algorithms to determine your spot in SERP. We optimize your website for all the search engines to give you the best possible presence online. With that being said, Google represents over 80% of the world’s online search engine users. We like to invest most of our time in the channels that bring our clients the most exposure, qualified traffic, conversions, and overall growth.

Does your company invest in startups?

The partners of Nuclear Networking are venture capitalists and have a knack for developing and marketing new business models. We have an off-site interview and application process for serious inquiries only. Please contact us directly for any partnership or investment options.

What is bounce rate?

A percentage of visitors to a website that leaves without clicking or interacting with any portion of the page (e.g., If 100 people visit a website and 50 of them immediately leave, the bounce rate is 50 percent). Lower is better, and averages are between 40 and 60 percent.

What is organic traffic?

Organic refers to search engine generated traffic that visits your site without clicking on paid ads. This is where most of your qualified traffic comes from. Healthy search engine rankings increase your organic traffic and your subsequent on-site conversions.

What is referred site traffic?

This refers to the traffic that is coming from other websites that are linking to your website such as online reviews, blogs, admirers, local news sites, and more.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the key to all online searches. Keywords are words and phrases that trigger qualified search results from search engines.

What is direct traffic?

Direct traffic is from people who type your URL directly into the browser. Common sources of direct traffic are business cards, word of mouth referrals, print materials, browser bookmarks, and more.

What is qualified traffic?

Qualified traffic refers to people who are actively seeking, or are in the market for the service or product you offer. Qualified traffic compared to regular traffic or non-qualified traffic is the difference between generic site visitors, and those highly interested in your products and services.

We pride ourselves on driving qualified traffic to our client’s sites.

What is spam score?

Spam score is a scoring system engineered by MOZ that is used to determine the functionality and health of a website. This consists of 17 different spam signals that ping the search engine to possibly de-rank the site from search listing. This score ranges from 0/17 no spam, 17/17 showing maximum spam. The more spam flags your site propagates, the danger of possibly getting blacklisted by the search engine increases.

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