Franchise Marketing

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At Nuclear Networking, we provide solutions for multi-location businesses and franchises.

  • We use localized digital marketing strategies to improve local store sales
  • We help businesses attract potential franchises

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These partners, and more, trust Nuclear Networking with their digital marketing and online reputation.

Our approach will make your franchise
branding more attractive by:

  • Building more appeal around your
    product and culture

  • Increasing your store-level sales metrics

  • Growing your conversions by more than
    300%, leading to a significant increase in                    revenue

  • Improve your SEO organic rankings for
    each location in Google Maps local listings

  • Pairing SEO with AdWords + Social Media
    Marketing to customize your approach per                  location

  • Helping you manage the volatility of the
    ever-changing digital landscape

work with you to meet your
digital marketing objectives

  • To improve the sales metrics of your

    individual locations

  • To solve challenges of your campaign

    performance and brand consistency

  • To generate leads for your franchise growth

  • To keep your brand at the forefront of digital

    marketing with our strategic partnership

We help generate a surge In
Google Exposure

  • Building impressions overtime as rankings for

    local maps and organic results increase

  • Helping companies grow to over two million

    monthly impressions in Google Maps and search

  • Improving location visibility and store traffic


Our results drive Google Actions

  • Getting ranked in Google My Business for the
    search keywords

  • Increasing the number of actions and
    conversions across locations

  • Generating new location visits, increased
    phone calls, potential franchisees, and
    revenue growth


For your franchise and each franchise location

SEO for Franchise Location

  • Develop your SEO strategy to help your
    locations RANK for search terms in their local

  • Provide each of your locations with specific
    attention, distinction, and differentiation

  • Manage and optimize your pages, Google My
    Business, business listings, analytics and
    conversion tracking each location

  • Deliver better rankings in Google maps and
    organic search results

Google Ads Management

  • Provide a focused approach for each of
    your locations

  • Generate your keyword research,
    campaigns, ad groups, and ads

  • Give a granular reporting and tracking of
    conversions and analytics

  • Manage your search terms, negative
    keywords, and A/B testing on ads

  • Analyze trends for your franchise location to
    persistently improve and optimize ad

“Nuclear Networking is in a class all by themselves for Online Marketing. Customer service and
quality of work is outstanding. My experience with them has been first class.”

Smart Media Group

Social Media Marketing

  • Set up and optimize the page of each of
    location-specific audience and

  • Develop the strategy to connect with your
    attention, distinction, and differentiation

  • Assist you in your brand-wide social media
    activities through location-specific posting,
    promoted stories, and advertising location

  • Attract your target audience by growing
    your presence on Instagram, Facebook

Website Design & Development

  • Design and develop an attractive website
    for your franchise, capable of supporting the
    needs of multiple locations, and can work
    on all devices

  • Help you manage your website through
    technology, administration, design and
    content, conversion tracking and analytics,
    performance, and uptime

  • Create easy-to-use features for your
    customers, for location search, directions
    online ordering, click to call, and other
    features for convenience

Analytics and Reporting

  • Provide each of your franchise with a full
    suite of analytics and up-to-date reporting
    on a real-time dashboard

  • Integrate with your franchise dashboard
    Google My Business, Google Analytics,
    Google Ads, Google Search Console and
    other sociall media metrics, and rankings

  • Give your franchise a 360-degree view of
    the overall performance, including individual
    location rankings tracking, reporting, and

  • Help you build a mega-dashboard for a
    cumulative view of you total franchise
    business and digital marketing performance


What is Franchise Digital Marketing?

Franchise Digital Marketing is the application of digital marketing channels like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Google ads, to the marketing strategy of a franchise business. The goal is to increase custome awareness, attract new clients/ franchises, and drive revenue. It focuses on building a strong and profitable brand while managing the complexity and consistent implementation across multiple locations.

What is the minimum number of locations to get started?

There is no minimum. We can begin even when you’re just starting your business. The earlier you start, the earlier you can build and accelerate your growth.

How do you manage each individual location on our website?

Each location is treated as unique. We can:

  • Create a page for each location on your website
  • Create unique content for each of your locations
  • Ensure no page is seen as duplicate, in order or to rank well in Google
  • Customize each to local business schema and structured data, content, on-site optimization to increase
    its relevance in its market, and improve its local ranking in the Google business listing
  • Provide the necessary technology to manage this complexity

Nuclear Networking has a wide array of website technology to select from, and we can work with you to determine what fits your franchise business best.

How do you manage Google My Business listings, and all other business listings, for each location?

We can help you:

  • Optimize each location’s Google My Business listing
  • Lock down important information so it cannot be lost
  • Update contact details, store hours, or other changes relevant to each location
  • Optimize your other business listings on top tier websites, as well as secondary and niche specific websites

Do you track analytics, including Google rankings, for each location?

Yes. Each location has data, set up in a specific view. In this dashboard, you can log-in anytime
to see updated data on:

  • Website visitors
  • Daily Google rankings, including trends
  • Conversions
  • Ads performance
  • Other important metrics on individual location pages

Do you do content for individual locations?

Yes. Since content is considered a differentiator for each location, we can work with you to craft a customized and unique content for each location, using targeted keywords, to imporve a location’s relevance to its market.

Can you work with my multi-location business, although it is not a franchise?

The digital marketing strategy of Nuclear Networking is designed for any multi-location business. It works great for a franchise business model, as well as for a single owner multi-location business like yours. Our digital marketing process is designed to help individual locations rank well in Google to attract customers, create awareness and build the brand over time.

Do you do Google Ads for each franchise location?

Yes. Nuclear Networking can create and manage both brand-wide ads, and location-specific assets, depending on your need. We leverage technology and targeting to ensure that you expose the right audience to your ads.

Can you manage social media, including advertising on Facebook and Instagram, for individual locations?

Yes. Nuclear Marketing can help you manage a wide range of social media needs, which includes:

  • Organic social media management
  • Developing a content strategy and calendar for each location
  • Publishing brand-wide content across all locations
  • Using various channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Post
  • Developing ads and targeting a particular audience for any social media platform

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