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Selling On Amazon Is No Longer An Option. It’s A Necessity.

Whether your business has an established presence or is brand new to Amazon, we’ll develop a unique strategy that’s right for your products and buyers.

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Our Amazon SEO and PPC experts are here to make sure the right Amazon customers find your products at the right time in highly-competitive product markets.

We’re all about measuring and reporting on metrics to ensure you’re seeing increased revenue and optimizing our efforts where needed.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

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Did You Know

Amazon has over 300 million active customers?
Amazon Prime membership has topped 90 million in the US?
Fifty-five percent of customers started their product search on Amazon?

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Simply put, selling on Amazon is a must for all businesses. It’s one of the only effective ways on this mega platform to lead new customers to your products they’re already searching for. Yet, businesses using Amazon also face stiff competition—who doesn’t want to sell their products on the United States’ busiest online marketplace?.

Where Do Amazon’s Ads Appear?

Amazon breaks its ads into two broad categories: self-serve ads and premium ads. Self-serve ads are the ads you see on the top of search results pages and product pages. Premium ads, on the other hand, are often shown as visual sidebar ads and visual banners. These ads can also appear on Amazon partner websites, pushing your product’s reach even farther!

How Can I Advertise On Amazon?

Product Ads

These ads appear at the top of search results based on the search terms the user types in. Product ads are great for companies that have specific products they want to sell. For example, the search phrase “cereal bowls” prompts the following product ads:

Sponsored Brands (Headline Search) Ads

These keyword-specific ads appear as banners above all search results (even product ads). Sponsored brand ads typically redirect to specific landing pages and are great for building brand awareness rather than selling specific products.

For example, the search phrase “cereal bowls” also shows the following sponsored brand ad:

Product Display Ads

Unlike Product or Sponsored Brand ads, Display ads are triggered based on similar products or the user’s interests. Product Display ads appear at the bottom or side of search results pages and on customer review pages.

The same “cereal bowl” search prompts the below sidebar and bottom-page Product Display Ads:


The Nuclear Networking team is here to develop and execute the best Amazon strategy for your business. We’ll apply our Amazon PPC and SEO expertise to develop product catalogs your target customers can easily find, optimize listings, integrate well-researched targeted keywords, and more. We’ll recommend appropriate advertising budgets and optimize on a regular basis. Finally, we’ll keep you in the loop with regular reporting updates so you can see the results for yourself.

If you’re ready to up your e-commerce game, reach out to us. We’re here to discuss your business needs and see how Amazon and other digital marketing efforts can drive success.