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Inbound Marketing Strategy

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Despite the deluge of emails from Nigerian princes, email marketing is still a vital way to reach your most qualified target customers. Email is the most direct and effective way of connecting with your leads, nurturing them, and turning them into customers.

Inbound Marketing Strategy


Nuclear Networking optimizes your email marketing efforts through testing and enhancing your campaign from start to finish. Percentage of delivery, open rate, click through rate and more are measured for your campaign’s performance. By measuring variations of email copy and more, we are able to optimize the campaign to achieve the best results inline with its originally intended purpose.
Inbound Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy

Nuclear Networking’s email marketing experts will create campaigns to engage your target audience, whether you want to send a welcome email to new subscribers or a promotional email to announce a sale, etc.
Inbound Marketing Strategy

List Building

If you are looking to reach out to new, potential leads, Our Intelligent Sourcing can help identify potential leads by industry, position, age, company size, to ensure we are marketing to the most qualified audience.
Inbound Marketing Strategy

CAN-SPAM Adherence

Nuclear Networking adheres to all CAN-SPAM laws to ensure your business is not unnecessarily penalized by being transparent and honest.
Inbound Marketing Strategy

Email Testing

Whether your email recipients prefer simple text or graphic filled emails, we will professionally layout a customized email campaign with individual user journeys to engage and convert your leads.
Inbound Marketing Strategy

Email Execution

Using industry research, Nuclear Networking will send your email(s) at the most opportune day and time so your email campaign is as successful as it can be.
Inbound Marketing Strategy


Writing compelling, engaging copy is not an easy task. Let us take the pressure off of you with our team of experienced copywriters.


We take the details of your target profile and do all the legwork necessary to build your list. We provide the list in a way that it can be easily used for direct email marketing.

We track and communicate all of our efforts through API-driven real-time digital reporting. We will document our marketing efforts, bounce rates, response rates, lead conversions, effectiveness, demographic profile patterns, and more to show you a clear value.


You know your target audience better than anyone. Simply provide us with all the details we need and we will start the intricate Intelligent Sourcing process. Once we complete the detailed list, we will need your review and approval on the email messaging before it is sent out.


What is Intelligent Sourcing? We’re glad you asked.

Intelligent Sourcing is an advanced service offered by Nuclear Networking that pairs extremely well with email marketing. Think of it as highly targeted email list generation (not recycled) with an extremely low bounce. Imagine reaching the right decision maker at the right time, all with a personal touch.

Intelligent Sourcing is designed for companies with a hyper-focused target market, message, and purpose. This strategy works exceptionally well for hard-to-reach targets. This service allows our partners to market directly to the exact person, position, title, and profile of any target market, group, or person they prefer. Intelligent Sourcing is the process of finding the decision makers in any industry for the best direct marketing opportunities. We put purchased email lists to shame with our marketing intelligence tools.


  1. Define the industry you wish to source.
  2. Define the goal of your campaign.
  3. Define the position or role of the person you wish to market to.
  4. Determine additional demographic criteria including but not limited to the size of the company, the location of the company, average annual revenue, product style, and more.
  5. Once approved, information sourcing will begin.


  1. Nuclear Networking team engineers will start crawling databases, social platforms, and more to find the profile matches.
  2. Once determined, they will source based on desired profile criteria like current employment, position, contact information, and even multiple C-levels at the same company to increase our response opportunity.
  3. After collecting the profiles and initial contact information, the data will be cleaned and formatted for direct email marketing
  4. Determine additional demographic criteria including but not limited to the size of the company, the location of the company, average annual revenue, product style, and more.


  1. Nuclear Networking engineers will import the cleaned list into a private email database or email automation platform.
  2. Quality email copy, subject lines, calls-to-action, and more will be created to test during this campaign.
  3. Final versions of the copy will be submitted to the partner for positioning analysis, recommendations, and final approval.
  4. Once approved, Nuclear Networking engineers will email on behalf of the partner company to a portion of the list to see what message performs best.
  5. Once tested and proven, the remaining emails will be delivered using only the best copy.
  6. Final reporting will be submitted to the partner with detailed analytics including but not limited to opens, clicks, bounces, engagement rates, and when available, sales funnel activity, heat mapping, conversion tracking, social demographic information and more.



One of Nuclear Networking’s favorite partners engages in Intelligent Sourcing. Our partners own and operate a food ingredients company specializing in pure liquid cacao, the first of it’s kind! Through marketing, company growth, and relationship building, our partners found themselves in Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Amazon, and a few quality local breweries and coffee shops.

The company’s B2C story was wonderful, but we needed to find a more creative way to reach the B2B markets to share this delicious ingredient by the drums. Enter Intelligent Sourcing. Through market research and a vast knowledge bank of information from Cholaca CEO, Ira Leibtag, we took a bigger look at how a chocolate stout was made in breweries. We had chocolate, they need chocolate for beer. It made sense. We quickly identified pain points in the industry including excess waste, lengthy cleanup processes, and far from adequate traditional chocolate products commonly used in this process, like cacao nibs.

The pain points were satisfied, the story was clear, we needed to showcase our findings to partners in the brewery industry making chocolate stouts. Using Intelligent Sourcing and the processes above, we sourced and contacted hundreds of major breweries across the USA and offered to send them a sample of the chocolate to try it for themselves. This resulted in Cholaca being picked up by over 283 breweries in only the first 3 months of Intelligent Sourcing. Cholaca had a great story and a quality loss leader. Some may ask if intelligent sourcing is right for their company. At Nuclear Networking, we are happy to discuss any questions about this unique service and provide a free initial source to vet the opportunity before committing on any level.

Intelligent Sourcing

Did this story make your mouth water? Learn more about our partners at Cholaca by clicking the logo. We also recommend finding a local brewery or coffee shop that carries Cholaca near you to taste the fine quality ingredients.

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Whether it’s promotional in nature or a nurture campaign, Nuclear Networking can design email campaigns that engage your target audience.