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PPC ADVERTISING: Pay-per-click advertising refers to the ads on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). If you have ever noticed the advertisements which appear alongside search results on Google and other search engines, you are already familiar with pay-per-click marketing.

RETARGETING: Re-market to past website visitors, across the internet and remind prospects who are already familiar with your brand.

CLICK-TO-CALL TRACKING: Measure phone call conversions by tracking the phone number you include in your paid ads.

Pay-per-click is often referred to as PPC or CPC (Cost-Per-Click). In PPC (CPC) digital advertising, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website. With Google Adwords PPC, you can have your website appear at the top of the SERP for a given search phrase, or “keyword.”
Since “organic” SEO can take longer to see strong results, PPC is one of the quickest ways to have your site seen by your target audience in Google searches. Think of it as a shortcut to the top of the search result page for terms relevant to your business.
Google uses a wide range of factors to determine which ads are shown to whom, so PPC isn’t always as simple as buying airtime on a radio station or TV network. But, working with a partner like Nuclear Networking can ensure that you get the most bang for your budget, no matter the size.

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What we do

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Reach Local, Geo, International

No matter where your target audience is, Nuclear Networking provides clients with customizable location trafficking. Being multilingual and multinational, we can translate your campaigns to boost ranking and drive qualified leads across cultures, languages and marketing channels to quickly build local-national-international market share.

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Measure Performance

Conversions are measured and tracked to the original marketing channel your customer was acquired from, along with other measurable customer data to create useful customer profiles and new advertising avenues.

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Dominate Your Target Market

94% of the online marketplace is bottlenecked on Facebook & Google making these the best investments in marketing. We execute a 6-month (minimum) paid ad campaign, reduce your cost-per-click (CPC,) and measure your ROI and campaign performance so you can adjust your budget accordingly.

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Target Multiple Advertising Mediums

Our team of experts place your campaigns within multiple platforms, including Google, YouTube, Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, LinkedIn, and several other mediums. We leverage our understanding of these platforms to help you grow your online presence and dominate the competition.


• Provide campaign structure and feedback regarding what your focus is.

• Supply persona targeting and ideal customer profile information.

• Share brand guidelines around copy and creative.
• Depending on your Nuclear plan, stay actively involved in managing and communicating specials, events, and other things you would like to market.

•Keep us in the loop on relevant keyword ideas.

• Provide creative, copy, video, and more to support future campaign builds.

• Review our efforts, reports, and feedback to ensure positive data is leading to positive business results on fronts we cannot see (like your bank account).

Our Process

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Once your Nuclear PPC campaign launches, we work with you to determine what your ads should say and where they should lead. As your campaign progresses, we continually monitor the results and work to always find the best use of your budget. There is a science to finding the sweet spot between low cost and high results, and Nuclear has years of experience reaching it.

The Nuclear Networking Digital Advertising and Search Marketing Journey 

At Nuclear Networking, we take the time to learn about your company and understand the driving forces in your industry. Rather than just picking keywords based on gut, we use a measured approach to research and test new keywords.
Once your initial ads are up and running, we work to continuously optimize campaigns to improve click-through-rates and onsite conversions. By targeting auxiliary keywords that most managers miss, you can pay less and achieve a higher ROI per customer.
Our scientific PPC-driven testing methodologies can help you get to your target ROI faster by measuring user response to keywords — and using that data to inform supercharged SEO strategies.

Nuclear Networking is a certified Google Partner

Becoming a Google Partner means undergoing a thorough and continuous education and certification processes. Our team is trained and certified to ensure that they stay at the cutting edge of technology and have expert knowledge of the Google AdWords platform.

With our PPC expertise, we can optimize your campaign based on budget and performance to help you reach your goals. We carefully craft ad copy within your guidelines and those of Google to create high-converting, response-driven ads.

While it’s impossible to promise how many online visitors will click on your ads, fill out online forms, or make purchases, Nuclear Networking brings well-crafted experience to your PPC campaign to set your campaign up for success. We communicate Google’s projections to create the best outcomes.

Why Wait To Get Started?

Now is the time to take stock of your current PPC presence compared to your competitors. Find out where you stand, where the competition stands and if there might be room for improvement.


Based on input from our clients of all sizes and our years of assessment from real experiences, we have created three different levels of paid ad service to make the most of your ad spend budget.
When we say ‘ad spend’, we’re referring to the actual amount that goes to the advertising platform[s] of your choice.

So, if you have $1000 to spend on Google Ads ($1000 ad spend), we will give $1000 directly to Google to fund your ads. Ad spend doesn’t include any fees for advertising creation, management, monitoring, etc. Those fees are in addition to the ad spend amount.

Ad Spend of $2000+/mo
If your ad spend is $2000 or more, then our ad management fee is 15% of your ad spend budget or a minimum management budget of $399/mo, whichever is greater. These accounts will receive aggressive consistent weekly Google partner premium ad creation, management, optimization, machine learning tools, artificial intelligence services, and the full suite.

Ad Spend of $501-$1999
If your ad spend is between $500 and $1999, then the ad management fee is $299 per month flat. This level of service includes everything that the higher tier of service has yet is limited to 2 core optimizations per month. This includes machine learning tools and artificial intelligence as well.

Ad Spend of Under $500
If your ad spend is under $500 per month, the management fee is only $149.
This level doesn’t include ongoing human-driven optimization but does include our platform solutions that leverage technologies such as bid strategies, budget pacing, campaign mirroring, call tracking [if applicable], 24/7 live API-fed dashboard and reporting.

We will also include growth recommendations as needed.
Because the advertising budget is directly proportional to results, we want to make the best use of any sized budget based on our own experiences.


Some of the things included in this Nuclear Networking product (as determined by industry best practices):

• Research launch meeting notes, client folder, and client site

• Review the client’s budget, compare with deliverables checklist to determine what deliverables the client requires

• Create account in AdWords under title of company

• Integrate details (geo preference, budget, run times, etc.)• Build out extensions for future ad groups

• Determine and build out ad verticals

• Keyword research using proposal list with review and additions

• Set up conversions

• Test all phone number and site links

• Request approval for phone number from client for marketing

• Monitoring KPI stats

• Research and pursue new keyword opportunities

• Implement negative keywords that are not relevant or do not perform well


• Access YouTube, manage channel, link AdWords to YouTube

• Access YouTube, manage channel, link AdWords to YouTube

• Create new campaigns for video ads

• Set up criteria, budget, timeline, etc.


• Create spec sheet, including branding guidelines, copy, and info

• Create spec sheet, including branding guidelines, copy, and info

• Design approval process

• Final QC of display

• Ad approval

• Add display ads to retarget or separate display ad group or campaign


• Set up audience

• Set up audience

• Use approved display or text already created for retargeting

• Assign budget, timeline, and launch

• Quality control of entire campaign

• Double check launch date and shut-off dates

• Set up billing with launch

Digital Advertising Management Structure