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Most companies do not realize how powerful a press release can be for SEO and other marketing channels. A press release is historically known as an announcement to the media. Companies may release them for newsworthy events or simply to share information on their business and its products or services. In marketing, it is a well- established technique that is hidden in plain sight and uniquely effective at boosting SEO efforts via qualified backlinking.

Inbound Marketing Strategy


You don’t need to have a PR pro on staff to experience the benefits of good old-fashioned press releases. Nuclear Networking can enhance your media relations efforts by identifying opportunities to reach out to thought leadership and influencers. Our expert staff will guide you through the whole process and consult on the best ways to reach out to qualified and targeted media channels.
Inbound Marketing Strategy

Public Relations Strategy

Nuclear Networking’s public relations experts can help you put together a long-lasting plan to engage the media at every stage of your company’s growth. We can also consult on the best ways to handle public relations situations as soon as the need arises.
Inbound Marketing Strategy

Influencer Listing

If you are looking to engage media who are the most qualified to cover your industry, Nuclear Networking can identify influencers who may have covered you in the past or are most likely to cover you now.
Inbound Marketing Strategy


Nuclear Networking takes the guesswork out of writing a compelling release that is more likely to be picked up. We write the first draft, you make changes and we finalize the release before sending out.
Inbound Marketing Strategy

Media Monitoring

We also keep an eye out for you. With media monitoring, we alert you when we see any coverage of your brand on media and social channels.
Inbound Marketing Strategy

Influencer Outreach

Sending individual emails to influencers is time-consuming. Let us reach out to your influencers on your behalf. We can act as the media liaison if you prefer to keep your focus on your business.
Inbound Marketing Strategy

Media Reporting

Reaching out to the media is not the end of the game. Nuclear Networking reports on the effectiveness of your outreach and follows up with information about what worked so you can replicate it.


We work with you to craft a press release that is worded and formatted to industry standards. Our writers can match the tone and preferred outline to achieve optimum messaging. Most importantly, we write about your organization, products, and services in a succinct manner that is engaging and professional.
Nuclear is skilled at sending press releases to a highly-targeted, well-vetted list of influencers: journalists, bloggers, publishers, news outlets, and more whose “beats” are qualified and exactly the right audience for the topic of your press release.

The other half of our distribution options are traditional newswires for clients who want the broadest reach possible for
press releases.


You provide input on the subject and content of your press release, give approval on the final press release, and help select some of the influencers you want Nuclear to focus on when distributing the press release.





1. You help us determine the subject of the press release.

2. You provide the text of the press release or allow our copywriters to craft the perfect text for you.

3. We source key influencers (journalists, publishers, bloggers, etc.) who specialize in writing for your target audience.

4. You approve the text of the release, along with the recipient influencers list.

5. We send the release to the selected list. We can also submit the press release to newswires for a greater reach.

6. Influencers and news outlets often request further information, and we facilitate the process of following up after the distribution of the press release, if required.


Whether it’s a new product or a new service, Nuclear Networking can help you position your brand in the right way, to the right media.