Win Loss Analysis and competitor Intelligence

Boost Revenue and Profits

transform sales results

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Win Loss Analysis

Win Loss Analysis delivers insights that boost your win rate

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Competitor Intelligence

Competitor Intelligence tells you how to price effectively and maximize profits.

success stories

“Win Loss interviews made us realize that two of our target industries were poor fits for our products. We reallocated resources and won more deals.”

quote-filled– David L., VP of Sales

“Word-for-word buyer input helped us to adjust messaging to reflect what buyers valued the most about our solution.  With a shared understanding of the best targets, our leads became much more productive.”

quote-filled– Lauren R., VP of Marketing

“Buyers told Nuclear Networking what they never revealed to our salespeople – including competitor tactics and pricing.”

quote-filled– Ella B., Strategic Sales Manager

“Nuclear Networking identified the features and the functionalities that were a top priority for customers.  We updated the product roadmap and gained a competitive edge.”

quote-filled– Steve H., VP of Product Development

Transform Outcomes


Boost Close Rates



Achieve More Accurate Sales Forecasts



Understand Customer Needs & Buying Triggers



Replicate Successes. Avoid Pitfalls.



Refine Pricing Strategy



Re-engage Past Prospects



Target the Right Prospects



Improve New Markets & Product Enhancements



Overcome Competitors



Improve Sales Traing and Playbooks


how it works

Win Loss Analysis & Competitor Intelligence


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Interview Buyers

We conduct in-depth telephone interviews with your buyers (wins) and past prospects (losses or no decision). Our skilled interviews gather word-for-word buyer input to determine what worked or didn’t work.

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Analyze Candid Buyer Input

Because we are neutral third parties, buyers reveal critical information and competitor intelligence that they won’t share with the sales team.

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Extract Competitor Insights

We capture and analyze competitor claims and pricing. Over time, we compile detailed competitor insights that inform every competitive bidding situation.

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Conduct Trend Analysis

To study trends, we analyze data across multiple buyers. Our advanced machine learning tools pinpoint key insights that escape detection by traditional methods. We also convert conversations with buyers into quantitative metrics, revealing actionable trends across buyers, industries and competitive situations.

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Review with Sales Team

We meet with the sales team to review key deals, comparing their perceptions with buyer perceptions and identifying disconnects. With new information and strategic recommendations, sales closes more deals.

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Implement Actionable Recommendations

Integrate sales and marketing efforts – driving sales success and refining marketing messaging and capturing more productive leads.  Clients rely on our recommendations to grow the sales funnel and close more deals at higher price points.

enabling Leaders to Maximize Revenue

Sales Leaders

Choose the right targets. Boost close rate. Improve sales training. Beat revenue targets.

Marketing Leaders

Sharpen marketing messaging with candid buyer feedback. Improve lead quality and drive measurable results.

Product Management Leaders

Integrate buyer and competitor intelligence into product design.  Deliver functionality that addresses exactly what buyers want.

CXOs and Strategists

Gain long-term competitive advantage. Build strategy on a foundation of unmatched buyer and competor intelligence.

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